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Our abstraction services ensure information accuracy and enable your business to reallocate resources to PI processes to affect meaningful changes. When compared to the significant expense of on-boarding a full-time employee and managing a full staff of abstractors, Navion’s Data Abstraction Services offer tremendous benefits:

  • Reduction in data collection and abstraction overhead costs
  • Improvement in departmental bottom lines with more predictable billing
  • Expertly collected and audited data tailored for your department
  • Refocus resources on performance improvement activities

Supported Registries

Navion provides industry leading data abstraction services that enable you to complete your registry submissions more cost effectively at the highest level of quality. Navion Data Abstraction moves you from data entry to a performance improvement focus where your team’s expertise can have a direct impact on improving your organization’s outcomes. Our 25 years of experience in the clinical registry market allows Navion to provide highly trained and experienced team members who abstract data at the highest level of accuracy and efficiency. Our team can be employed as a temporary solution between hires or involved in a long-term solution to provide the best data reporting possible.

  • STS – Adult Cardiac Surgery, General Thoracic, and Congenital Heart
  • GWTG Heart Failure and Stroke
  • VQI
  • IRR re-abstraction and audit services
  • CMS
  • TJC
  • Individual state registries/requirements


Experience enables efficiency and accuracy which, in turn, enables Action. Our highly trained data abstraction team is proficient in data registry variable definitions and measures. It’s more than just knowing where to locate the registry values - it's how to scrutinize the documentation to ensure it meets the definition. This is where Navion excels: timely and accurate data provides actionable information.

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No one clinical organization is exactly the same; therefore, our offerings are not one-size-fits-all. Navion data abstraction allows for hospitals to select the registries that are relevant to their needs. No more, no less. Navion Outsource Abstraction will work with your current software vendor or you can upgrade to Navion’s Ncompass Certified Software. Our goal is to provide the most cost effective solution for your organization.

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With Navion Abstraction Services, data isn't just tangible, it’s reliable. The standards we set for our data quality and reliability are at the highest level so we can provide the best product for our clients. By engaging in internal audits, you can rest assured the data is reliable so you can focus more on performance improvement. We have built multiple validation checks into our abstraction workflow that search for outliers and bring them to the client’s attention. Any non-compliance issues can then be reviewed and addressed.

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Navion’s Registry Abstraction can be employed by organizations of all sizes. Utilizing our highly trained and experienced team is much more cost-efficient than training a new employee to the same level. Also, with our large team, we are better able to manage resource fluctuations and can staff up or down depending on the client’s needs. Navion Data Abstraction can be cost-effective for hospitals of any size.

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