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Navion’s Ncompass Registry Software is a true solution to organizations looking to harness their patient data to improve patient outcomes. If your objective is to enhance your performance based on clinical measures and outcomes analysis, there is no other software more capable than Ncompass.

  • Full integration with your performance improvement process
  • Built-in validation systems to catch outliers early
  • Customizable ad hoc reporting that may include any registry variable including your custom variables
  • Multi-site reporting to visualize all your hospitals’ performances

Supported Registries

Ncompass Registry Software is the most powerful and comprehensive solution available today. The Software goes beyond data capture and enables performance improvement through superior validation, automatic verification for non-compliant measures, and unmatched feedback through dashboard summaries and detailed reporting. All data is immediately available in standard dashboards, detailed line listings, or custom reports.

  • ACC/NCDR – CathPCI
  • STS – Adult Cardiac Surgery
  • STS – General Thoracic Surgery
  • AHA/GWTG Heart Failure
  • AHA/GWTG Stroke
  • Multiple inpatient and outpatient CMS measure sets


Ncompass Registry reports and dashboards enable you to visualize your performance on all of your key measures. You can see where you are hitting your targets and where efforts need more focus. The details behind the measures are readily available, through both standard and ad hoc reporting, so you can dig into problem areas, identify root cause and establish improvement initiatives.

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“I am very pleased with Ncompass and the ability to run my own reports. I was able to design a report from a variety of variables abstracted in STS that I have never have been able to do with my previous software.”

Julie G. RN MSN CPHQ, Quality Manager


Our Ncompass Registry Software excels in connecting complicated systems the healthcare industry uses every day: Electronic Medical Records, Admissions, Discharges, Transfers (ADT), Billing and Coding, and Hemodynamics. Utilizing Ncompass interfaces minimizes your data entry effort, ensures data continuity across systems, and maximizes data quality. This drives enables productivity and more time to identify opportunities and drive patient care improvement initiatives.

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“The Verification process within Ncompass immediately highlights any non-compliant cases and allows us to perform root cause analysis in near real time. The Ncompass system makes the PI process and team more nimble and effective.”

Sherrie S., Open Heart Surgery PI Coordinator


Ad hoc, standard, and multi-facility reporting are core features of Ncompass. As soon as records pass Ncompass validation, they are available in the reporting system. Performance improvement initiatives can receive immediate feedback and are easily tracked. With Ncompass, many hospitals are able to publish their monthly reports within days of month-end. Performance improvement committees can course-correct as needed or celebrate improved patient outcomes.

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“I have been running Ncompass reports on our STS data and am thrilled that the numbers are accurate and the reports already include many factors that I used to figure by hand. I can't tell you how happy I am to finally be able to get timely, meaningful, easy-to-pull data to our staff and physicians. Our experience with Navion Ncompass has been top-notch...thank you again! ”

Hope B., Clinical Cardiac Improvement


Clean and green submissions the first and every time is the Navion Ncompass goal. Eliminate data completeness reports with Ncompass Validation rules. Your data is clean and your reports are accurate as soon as cases successfully pass validation. Second review of non-compliant measures is fully integrated into the Ncompass workflow closing the loop between the data and the PI coordinator. With Ncompass, you can shift your focus from double-checking data accuracy to utilizing information to improve performance and patient outcomes.

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